Global Inclusion Summit 2020 : Dec 5th

Live performances and stories of inspiration based on Guide Runners India team work with yoga runner girls trainings / Virtual run for community 1 & 2

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Global Inclusion Summit 2020

Virtual Run For Community


A tribute to COVID-19 Warriors, health workers and Emergency rescue teams

First edition on Sep 12th, 2020
Second editio -November 1st, 2020

Join virtually via zoom link for flagoff and warmup!
Participate alongside Erich Manser (VI)- World Record Holder for Iron Man, Niket Dalal (VI) Indian Record Holder for Ironman and Amarjeet Singh (VI): Ultra Marathoner, Neha Pawaskar (VI) holds several records in sports and many inspirational runners

A Time Based run: 30mins/60mins

Virtual Run for Community 1st edition(Sep 12th 2020)-Media Coverage & Participation:

Emergency Support Guide Certification Program

Course name: Virtual Emergency Support Guide to Visually Impaired

This is a part of a series of courses with certification in association with Mitra Jyothi institute for Blind and other leading institutes. This course will help you learn how to assist someone who is blind or visually impaired as phone buddy in emergency situation such as COVID19.

Three batches have been completed till September 2020. To learn about upcoming sessions, write to

Our Advisory Board includes illustrious volunteers and Institutions from India and Abroad.


Guide/Buddy provide confidential, reliable support that helps individuals who are blind or visually impaired lead the complete, rich, joyful lives they want to live. Guides are matched one-to-one and assist with emergency support activities during COVID19 crisis such as keeping track of elderly visuallyimpaired who are stranded and alone. Guide/Buddy may also be matched as sighted guides for fitness or community activities, thereby opening new doors and opportunities.

Each guide/buddy is thoroughly interviewed, screened, undergoes a thorough background check, and is trained by our experienced GUIDES.

Examples of activities include:

Supporting the elderly VisuallyImpaired,Well Being Check, Serving as sighted guides for running, walking, and home workouts

More details will be provided by email on enrollment!

For recorded learning sessions, visit

Facebook Page: Click here

YouTube : Click here to view all sessions

Learning Session with Chaz Davis, VisuallyImpaired American record holder in FULL Marathon with PB of 2hr 15 mins for full marathon, Massachussets Association for the Blind, USA

Learning Session with Dr Eshwar Kapur, Elite Athlete, Sports Medicine Doctor on Wellbeing and Physical screening for Blind athlete