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Founded by Dr. Bhumika Patel, Guide Runners India, is first of its kind initiative pioneering the cause of empowering visually impaired through fitness, running and kindness community work. Currently we have Kindness Locations across India and abroad for Service to Humanity with focus on covid support to all.  

This team has been active for 6 years and set several Indian records in Marathon and Ultra marathons with visually impaired and guides. This is sustained by a large pool of trained volunteers from across corporates and running communities in India. Dr. Bhumika Patel is corporate leader, Global Brand Ambassador for IBM. She is First Indian invited as OFFICIAL GUIDE to visually impaired at Boston Marathon2019. She was recently awarded in January 2020 by Governor of Maharashtra for outstanding contribution to nation building through promoting health in youth Divyangjan. Guide Runners India is functioning in more than all cities in India and towns.  With its digital reach out, VIs are being reached even in their villages.

As a regular activity, there were, training sessions for VIs and Guides on how to work with one another in runs, strength training, Sunday practice runs.

Prior to COVID 19, Guide Runners India has participated in several runs with VIs.  The last two events were in March 2020. Pinkathon Run in Ahmedabad and NEB run in Bangalore.

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Email: info@guiderunnersindia.in Phone: 9845018103