Sole Sisters of Indiranagar-Jeevanbimanagar

When it comes distance we have got good number of girls from Jeevanbima Nagar. The recently held Bangalore marathon is a testimony of the same, we had 15 half marathoners, 4 full marathoners and 10 of them who did 5 k run. All these runners graduated from non runners to the category they are in now. Jeevanbima Nagar has 5 women who ran ultra too ,out of which 4 of them have run distance of 100 k.



The girls are trained by our pinkathon ambassadors Praveen Shetty and Shilpee Sanyal. Finix Fitness Studio at Jeevan bima Nagar offers support with respect to space for warm up and cool down sessions.Rajatha from the team often takes Zumba classes too for the runners

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Congratulations to all finishers of Jeevanbimanagar!


21st Oct finishers
S.No. Name Distance Time
1 Poornima 5
2 Leela 5
3 Shashi 5
4 Nanda Mungarwadi 5
5 Uma 5
6 Mekala 5
7 Sonali Tamhane 5
8 Shirley 5
9 Alivia 5
10 Divya A Kumar 5
11 Sneha Samarth 21.1 2.21
12 Smitha 21.1 2.56
13 Vijayashree 21.1 2.38
14 Priti Nair 21.1 3.43
15 Vaishali 21.1 3.25
16 Preetha 21.1 3.25
17 Shilpa 21.1 3.25
18 Sumathi 21.1 3.22
19 Shally 21.1 2.57
20 Shylaja Chandrashekhar 21.1 3.25
21 Niveditha Sathish 21.1 2.49
22 Sukanya 21.1 3.26
23 Savita sharma 21.1 2.55
24 Varsha 21.1 3.03
25 Bindu 21.1 2.51
26 Shilpee Sanyal 42.2 5.15
27 Soumya 42.2 5.59
28 Shylaja Arun 42.2 6.26
29 Seema 42.2 6.2
31 Praveen 42.2 7.2


Training Wheels – Girls of HSR-Bellandur


HSR Bellandur training was launched on Jun 30 2018 at Bellandur Central Mall. There was good participation from the residential communities around the mall. There was good support from Divya G, Saroj, Divya M and Rashmita in giving a continuity to the initative.

Sapna and Suverchas have been the most consistent training girls. On Oct 21st they took on the role og guide runner for visually impaired for girls from Mitra Jyoti Institute of Blind. The visually impaired girls and boys training happens 3 days a week at HSR location. More are expected to join from coming weeks.



Blog : Bhumika,Sapna







Soul Survivors of Budigere

Budigere training was launched in July 2018 and since then there are regular sessions every Saturday. Awesome effort by Ritika from Prestige Tranquility. She contributed greatly as a guide runner for visually impaired earlier.Budigere being very far off from the city center, the girls rarely make it to team get togethers at Cubbon, but we make it up with whatsapp 🙂





PinkathonDay Vizag – Power Girls

Vizag trainings celebrated their 3rd Anniversay in April 2018. The sessions are held every saturday covering basics of running and strength training. The location also registered for the 20 week training program launched by me for Pinkathon trainings.

The Hindu news paper covered the launch of 20 week program for Vizag elaborately !


PinkathonDay saw enthusiatice participation by the ambassadors !

Sheela Amrith Raj
Swetha R
Valli Nettam
Sreelakshmi Ronanki
Sonam Sokhal
Harsha Latha
Monika Kansaria
Other Pinkathon members n Ambassadors present:
Sree Karuna
Durga Lakshmi
Saranya Srinivas
Rashmi Majji
Suguna Viswanadhuni
Zumba by our Fitness Ambassadors
Deepa Deval n Shama Parveen
Satish (5AM Walking Group)
Raaki (Pinkathon Ambassador cum photographer)
Also a lot of women from across Vizag joined in.
Venue for PinkathonDay was beautiful RK BEACH ROAD, near Aircraft Museum
Time: 5:30-7:30am
Running distance:5km
Route : From Aircraft Museum to Park Hotel Junction n Back to Aircraft Museum


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Visually impaired Training -Highlights

Since 2016 we started training as guide runners for visuallyimpaired.

These Girls and Boys are from underprivileged background and the challenges are immense.

Leading Ngo’s have nominated some of its best visually impaired athletes. These athletes have been selected after assessing their performances in previous races, Bangalore 10k was one of them. Since then, they have been undergoing rigorous trainings for around 6 days a week with my team.

Starting with their whole body physiotherapy assessments and blood tests, the athletes  were given their nutrition support which included energy drink, pre run snack and nutritious breakfast post run.

They have also been provided running gear and shoes.

Their workout consist of 3 running days, two days of strength training, per week.

Also foam rolling, stretching sessions. Doctors and physiotherapists attend the sessions regularly to assess their health.

Apart from this there are few athletes from the Mitra Jyoti institute for Blind who join us regularly.

Pics from Pinkathon Bengaluru 2016

 I strongly believe that every human being has her set of rights to achieve what normal people do. It was in a Pinkathon event that I learned that there were hundreds of them willing to run and undergo training and the journey started since then. These visually impaired women & kids are from underprivileged background and the challenges are immense.

Event: Training session at JP Nagar  & HSR Samarthanam, Meet and Greet with new members, 2016

Event: First Aid session for Visually Impaired by Alert India, Jagadish, 7 Sep 2017

Event: Self Defence Session for Visually Impaired, Ritika and team,  Sep 2017


Event : Bengaluru 10k training at Stadium.June 1st 2018 ,  Footballer Sunil Chhetri’s dad joined us as Guide runner for the day !

Event : Visually impaired athletes running Bangalore Marathon
Schedule 1 : Body assessments of VI runners
Date : 25th August 2018
About 10 visually impaired runners of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled who will be running the Bangalore Marathon on 21st October 2018 are heading speedily towards progress. Since they will be the first set of runners in India to run a full marathon, their schedule is under stringent surveillance by their coach Bhumika and her team.
They underwent body assessment today with physiotherapists. This body assessment is the first major step in their training process since their diets for the 2 months to come will be decided according to their test reports.

Thanks to Dr Sitaraman from PhysiobeFit for the assessments and advise.

Event  : Strength Training sessions at the gym and Kanteerava stadium, Aug to Oct 2018

Event : Running workouts, three days a week at Kanteerava Stadium, HSR Layout, some sessions at Bannerghatta

Many thanks to the running community for their donations of running gear and accessories. Huge contribution from Runners 360 and Pacemakers

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Pics credit: Enthusionz, Mayur Chandranee

Nature Lover Girls of Cubbon Park

Bengaluru trainings first started with Cubbon Park location! We achieved a major milestone onn Jan 26th 2018, as we celebrated 100 weeks of #PinkathonTrainings at Bengaluru #Cubbon Park !! Thank you Vasundhara for organic millet cake and thanks to Pinkathon Milind Soman for encouragement and support !


Pinkathonday Celebrations continued at Cubbon Park on 27 Oct too! With medals and prize distribution.


44809533_1073938986111755_1417843711718457344_n - Copy.jpg


A big thank you Balasubramaniam, Vasanthi, Vandana, Vasundhara,Preeti and team for leading and supporting the various events at Cubbon Park.


Blog: Bhumika


Glow Girls of Kadugodi

Kadugodi location started 4 months back. Lot of fitness enthusiasts came together with an identical goal… Fitness.
The USP of this location is excellent campus facilities sponsored by PNC Cognito School management. The campus has good facility to run a loop of 1 km and open ground for exercises and drills.
Great team effort by Sucheta, Hema Vivek supported by Saroj and Sudha!
All Pink sisters started they routine practices with lot of determination and consistency following the 29 weeks training program designed by Head Coach Bhumika Patel ” says Sucheta
As they received the news of Oct 21st Pinkathon Day &NammaBengaluru Run all were excited as they got an opportunity to participate in an official run which was a maiden race as well for most of them.
Right from registration, distribution of bib and T shirt, participation in the race, till a strong finish all pink sisters the enthusiasm was sky high.
Kadugodi Training girls congratulations for a strong finish with remarkable timings for the maiden 5k race on 21st Oct 2018.
1. Shweta G – 45 min
2. Sangeeta Kumari – 40 min
3. Shilpi kantia – 45 mins
4. Deepa Chauhan – 44 min
5. Shalini  Tomar – 56 min
6. Priyanka Verma – 56 min
7. Devi Murugapan – 50 min
8. Meenal Dubey – 47 min
9. Nutan Dhaka – 47 min
It was a big day for Kiran Johari too. She finished her maiden Half Marathon in 3:03:34 hrs gracefully. Kiran was very dedicated and consistent in her run workouts. Congratulations Kiran for an inspiring finish of Half Marathon.
Congratulations kadugodi training location for a big success on a big day!!
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