GuideLines for Virtual Run For Community

2 Weeks before the Run:

  1. Complete exercise checks with your VI -GUIDE on Guide Website.
  2. If any red flags/issues please inform Team lead.

4-5 days Before the Run:

  1. Ensure you have received Virtual Run for Community 2 – Bib. Virtual Guides, please ensure your VI has got bib
  2. Take a print and write a slogan for your run

The day before:

  1. Drink fluids (water/juice) consistently- 1-2 extra cups total
  2. Eat healthy dinner with CARBS (roti/bread, rice, or daal)

Day of Run

  1. Wake up 1-2 hours before run, eat light breakfast
  2. Find a place at home to run that is about 1×1 meter or 2×2 meters, or find safe walkway or path in safe place within home property
    1. Floor/ground is even, good grip (not slippery)
    1. Shade with no direct sunlight
    1. Near open windows for good breeze
    1. OK if outside (in shady area), but not on sidewalk or in traffic area
  3. Even though you are at home, wear shoes for the run
  4. Can march or run in place, or alternate march/run
  5. If there is room to walk/run back and forth, then make sure there is guide/supervisor to watch
  6. Keep water nearby for drinking if needed
  7. Have place to sit nearby just in case. 

The Run/Walk

  1. Warm-Up Dynamic Stretches before session
  2. It is OK to walk for session
  3. It is OK to take a break or sit down during session if tired
  4. It is OK to take quick break to drink water if thirsty
  5. If there is pain, must stop!
  6. After session, stretch.
  7. After session, eat healthy foods with fruits/veggies.

Post run

  1. Guides Please post your run pics in FB group : Guides for VisuallyImpaired with #GuideRunnersIndia #VirtualRunFor Community #AthleteID
  2.  VI please share your run pictures in your whatsapp group for visuallyimpaired by Guide Runners India or contact Angha 97570 53740

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Bhumika Patel

Corporate Leader with passion for Fitness and community service. Winner of #IBMWomenWhoInspire South Asia 2017 and won several IT achievement awards. International Yoga Alliance - Certified Yoga Teacher. Formerly-Champion Runners coach-Skechers, Running Coach at She was profiled as GameChangers2017 an elite list of 21 women across world. Six star world marathon majors finisher * and *profiled by world marathon majors who credited her with sparking a revolution in women’s running in India.

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