Kindness Matters !

It’s been over 5 year since Dr. Bhumika Patel started providing voluntary support to women and children esp. the Specially-Abled & Visually Impaired across 6 cities in India (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad). We participate in several events as VI-Guides in Pinkathon, Bengaluru Marathon, Mumbai Marathon etc.

This is sustained as there is a large pool of trained volunteers and guides from IBM and other corporates like Congizant and fitness communities, available for voluntary work on need basis. The team works with individuals and also several Blind Institutions/schools across the country. We work further to strengthen the other soft and hard skills too. This helps in their overall development, providing them access to wider opportunities to grow, thus developing a more inclusive society.

When COVID-19 hit India, we jumped into action to help them prepare for the challenges,even before the lockdown started in India. It is a special concern for Visually Impaired as they mostly rely on touch.

For the training team of guides and regular training girls, we started with a list of Kindness TO DO’s to be done in addition to HomeWORKOUTS and own fitness! This was a big hit with many contributing their time and effort wholeheartedly.

There are Badges to be earned as recognition for the training and acts of Kindness!



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Bhumika Patel

Corporate Leader with passion for Fitness and community service. Winner of #IBMWomenWhoInspire South Asia 2017 and won several IT achievement awards. International Yoga Alliance - Certified Yoga Teacher. Formerly-Champion Runners coach-Skechers, Running Coach at She was profiled as GameChangers2017 an elite list of 21 women across world. Six star world marathon majors finisher * and *profiled by world marathon majors who credited her with sparking a revolution in women’s running in India.

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