Boston Qualification of Visually Impaired at Pune Marathon 2019

Boston Qualification!! 3 Bangalore visually impaired have qualified under Adaptive Program with fastest finisher with sensational 3h 17 min full marathon. You have a look at the glimpses of performances of the visually impaired from AFMC Marathon 2019, Pune and you will see how triumph goes down on its knees salute determination. 3 cities Mumbai, Pune,Bengaluru..23 visually impaired, 27 guide runners and their strength!!! A superbly organised event, extremely cooperative team of organisers.

2 Workshops conducted for Mumbai before start of trainings, some of vi had done half marathons already and Bengaluru vi have been training for 3 yrs in ultra distance.

Pune and Mumbai Guide Runners were taught techniques through workshops and pre -race meet up

Our team expert sports doctor Dr Eshwar provided the recommendation on exercises during training. Dr Ashu, Dr Jayshree from Apollo and other doctors in the team, helped with medical and nutritional support.

Pic: Mumbai – Running workshop 2 in August

mumbai workshop 2

My team was blessed enough to have NEB team supporting with the specially designed running gear, bib distribution and infinite other support.

IBM team Meghna, Jey, Zeba, Vinay and team thank you. Shraddha , Sucheta thank you for support.2GoActivewear for gear support πŸ™ As a result, my team tasted great success. The Mumbai visually impaired Penav Mota and Hemendra Pratap Singh did their maiden full marathons with AFMC Pune after several months of training. An outstanding example of team work set by the volunteers, guides and the visually impaired!!! The list of visually impaired who attempted and finished the AFMC Marathon 2019 are as under:

1. VI Bhaskar -Guide Avinash Mane – Full Marathon

2. VI Kavya -Guide Meghna – Full Marathon

3. VI Nandeesha – Guide Amit – Full Marathon

4. VI Ramesh – Guide Venkatesh N – Full Marathon

5. VI Hemendra Singh- Ashok – Full Marathon

6. VI Penav Mota-Guide Bhumika Patel/ Jagdish Ramakrishna-Full marathon

7. VI Ajay – Guides Sunket/Dhanunjaya – Full Marathon

8. VI Praveen Bhosale- Guide Rajesh D’souza-Half Marathon

9. VI Sunitha – Guide Sandeep Bahot – Half Marathon

10. VI Dipti Gandhi – Guides Priyanka Nambissan/Shradha Dalvi- Half Marathon

11. VI Nikita Pandey -Guide Saurabh Kamboj – 10km

12. VI Darshan – Guide Jeya Prakash – 10K

13. VI Mahesh Yadav- Guide Akshay Dikshit 10 K

14. VI Akshay – Guide Ruplekha Hegde – 10km

15. VI Arbaz Patel – Guide Nikhil -10k

16. VI Shenaz – Guide Asha -10k

17. VI Kapil Sahu – Guide Pushkaraj Doshi – 10 Km

18. VI Sanjeev Dubey – Guide Smita Kamboj – 10km

19. VI Malini – Guides Monika/Vikash Singh – 10k

20. VI Ankita – Guide Mukesh – 10k

21. VI Muskan Maurya – Guide Muhammad – 10k

22. VI Mala – Guide Jyotsna – Half

23.V I Renuka – Guide Bhumika -Half

Catch a few glimpses from the event in the video :

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