Not Fast But Furious Girls of Whitefield

Running promotes the ideals of hard work and dedication.
What you put into it is what you’ll get out of it, and it can change your life forever!” – With this great thought Bhumika Patel started Fast and Furious Whitefield group in January  2017  with support from Srinivas Rao, who heads the IT team of Landmark group. Thanks to encouragement from Milind Soman and Pinkathon training partners.
Girls at this location started their running journey with slow and steady pace and has reached at different leagues due to 20 weeks training plan designed and followed consistently and religiously by all pink sisters!!
Sonika from Whitefield says- “Even though I am not fast, the fastest runners encourage me and tell me how proud they are of me. This community builds people up. It’s a family! And I am proud to call myself a runner”
The group believes that  running brings complete strangers together via social media friends and help to know about their passion for running which keep motivating and inspiring to each other




Congratulations to all the finishers who participated on Oct 21st !


Whitefield Oct 21st Finishers Category
Name Distance
Sudha Muniraju 21 kms Guide Runner
Saroj 21k Guide Runner
Sonika Mangalgiri 5 kms Individual
Nidhi Bansal 5 kms Individual
Prachi Shah 5 kms Individual
Meena Lokhande 5 kms Individual
Prachi Hardikar 5 kms Individual
Tejaswini B. 5 kms Individual
Komal Rai 5 kms Individual
Vidya Somaraddi 5 kms Individual
Vijayalaksmi 5 kms Individual
Pooja Shet 5 kms Individual

Blog credit: Saroj Kasat, Bhumika



Published by

Bhumika Patel

Corporate Leader with passion for Fitness and community service. Winner of #IBMWomenWhoInspire South Asia 2017 and won several IT achievement awards. International Yoga Alliance - Certified Yoga Teacher. Formerly-Champion Runners coach-Skechers, Running Coach at She was profiled as GameChangers2017 an elite list of 21 women across world. Six star world marathon majors finisher * and *profiled by world marathon majors who credited her with sparking a revolution in women’s running in India.

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